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CS 59100-001: Distributed Systems and Networking Seminar: Fall 2010

The goal of the seminar is to allow students and faculty to get together on a weekly basis to discuss topics ranging from papers published in recent networking conferences such as SIGCOMM, MOBICOM, INFOCOM, ICNP, and IMC, systems conferences such as NSDI, SOSP, and OSDI, and system security conferences such as USENIX Security and NDSS, to their own research. Every week, one (or two) persons lead the discussion. In time, all those interested in networking and systems can be informed about cutting-edge research in these areas. The seminar is open to all; however, you are expected to present at some point (not everyone will present every semester).

Venue: LWSN 1106
Timing: Mondays 3:30 -- 4:20 PM

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Date Title Presenter
8/30 Reverse Traceroute , NSDI10
Jeff Seibert
9/13 Theory and New Primitives for Safely Connecting Routing Protocol Instances, SIGCOMM10
Debbie Perouli
9/20 MapReduce Online, NSDI10
Hyojeong Lee
9/27 Internet Inter-Domain Traffic, SIGCOMM10
Ravish Khosla
10/4 Volley: Automated Data Placement for Geo-Distributed Cloud Services, NSDI10
Chamikara Jayalath
10/18 Contracts: Practical Contribution Incentives for P2P Live Streaming, NSDI10
Sunghwan Yoo
10/25 California Fault Lines: Understanding the Causes and Impact of Network Failures, SIGCOMM10
Bo Sang
11/1 Data Center TCP (DCTCP), SIGCOMM10
Hitesh Khandelwal
11/8 Effective Data-Race Detection for the Kernel (and Beyond), OSDI10
Salman Pervez
11/15 Finding a needle in Haystack: Facebook's photo storage, OSDI10
Pawan Prakash
11/22 mClock: Handling Throughput Variability for Hypervisor IO Scheduling, OSDI10
Parantap Roy
11/29 Scalable Flow-based Networking with DIFANE, SIGCOMM10
Myungjin Lee
12/6 NetFence: Preventing Internet Denial of Service from Inside Out, SIGCOMM10
Wei-Min Yao

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