Open positions

The High Performance Computer Graphics Lab at Purdue is looking for prospective Ph.D students and PostDocs. The 3-5 years PhD study program is in Computer Graphics with a focus on procedural, geometric modeling, and 3D printing.

We offer funded PhD positions paid from scientific projects, such as grants from National Science Foundation (NSF), collaborations with industry and other universitie, or as a teaching assistantship. Candidates will receive monthly financial support based on the standard university payments, paid fees, and health insurance. Accepted candidates will be provided with a letter of acceptance to obtain student’s visa status.

We require excellent skills in C++ and OpenGL. Very good background in mathematics. Friendliness, willingness to work in team, and collegiality. The work requires commitment to the field and the ability to work on multiple projects: research and Ph.D topic oriented, as well as projects required by the nature of the collaborations.

Candidates should send their CV directly to Bedrich Benes.