Poems by Aditya

Latest update: July 28, 2010

1965 Soor Soor Tulsi Sasi Probably composed with Ashwini, a friend. (Language: Hindi)
1965 Main Na Kabhi Camp Attend Karoonga Composed to show frustration with the NCC camp. (Language: Hindi)
1988 Dont' Let it Go Away  
1991 SERC Retreat Composed during SERC retreat near Chicago.
1991 One Mr. Summary Fun poem.
1991 Bye Bye Song Poem written, and set to music, during the trip by Jyoti's brother Kannan and family over Christmas. This was probably my first major (original) composition using a synthesizer and the Amiga 2000.
1991 The Door  
1991 An invitation to Raju  Teasing my brother-in-law
1992 Inside a Book of Poems for my Daughter. Published by the National Library of Poetry and recorded in the Sound of Poetry in 1996.
1992 Isn't she a marvel? Written during SAMI songwriting workshop.
1992 Professor Knuth  In honor of Professor Donald Knuth. Composed during the return flight from San Jose to Indianapolis. 
1992 If I had some time! Written during the SAMI workshop on December 10.
1995 Where is the need to fight?  
1995 I wanna be a famous musician! Fun poem.
1996 Humperdinck On the name of an opera composer.
1996 The Bear from India  Rap for children.
1996  You build they will come  
1996  Mr. Summary  
1996  Italy Main Sasural For brother-in-law, a teaser. (Language: Hindi)
1996 My daughter..when you were three  
1996 Mhari Gayyan Khul Khul Jaye Later set to music for dance. Perfgormed during a Hilo function by the India Women's Association of Greater Lafayette. Check out my music page for an instrumental version. (Language: Hindi)
1997 My Favorite Town Written for Pilani.
1997 Lullaby for a budding composer Written for Christina Atallah.
1997 Amma Written for my most wonderful mother-in-law and also set to music. (Language: Hindi)
1997 Mother English translation of Amma.
1997 Abhinandan Geet  Written for Mrs. Puri's daughter's wedding. Set to music. (Language: Hindi)
1997 Urge  
1997 Savere Ke Chanda Mama Written enroute from Cleveland to Newark. Gift to daughter Gitanjali. (Language: Hindi)
1997 Naree Ki Saree Satire on Indian women who change soon after leaving India. No hard feelings please! Written enroute Paris to Chicago. (Language: Hindi)
1997 Adhar  Love poem. (Language: Hindi)
1997 Yaaden  Love poem/song. (Language: Hindi)
1997 Moon Uncle of the Dawn English translation of Savere Ke Chanda Mama.
1997 Na Na  (Language: Hindi)
1997 Raam Ke Naa Bhajo To Tulsi Ke Hee Bhajo Written enroute from Paris to Chicago. (Language: Hindi)
1997 Papa Ki Kavita  Also written enroute from Paris to Chicago. Satire on own poetry from his children's point of view. (Language: Hindi)
1997 Fall  About the beautiful fall season in Lafayette.
1998 Lights For daughter.
1998 The game is not over For friend Jose.
The door is open For Mike Atallah on his moving out of the CS building.
Y2K On my lack of concern for Y2k bug! Recited at Professor Dayananda and Prema-ji's home on 12/31/1999.
Limulus and Us About the plight of the sea animal "Limulus" that is used extensively in scientific research.
Students Dedicated to many many students who have been a great source of learning and happiness for me since 1972.
Snow On the snowfall in West Lafayette
Bandhu A short poem inspired by the Sycamore tree in my backyard. (Language: Hindi)
The Robin is listening On my wife Jyoti's 50th Birthday. Also made into a full orchestral composition in Raga Yaman Kalyan.
Chembai Inspired by the singing of Chembai Vaidhyanatha Bagavathar (1896 - 1974). I wrote it during the Continental flight 1260 from Indianapolis to Newark on July 7, 2001. (Language: Hindi)
Aayo banna Written for Gitanjali. Added music. Performed during Mr. Dev and Anju Dev's daughter's wedding reception. Recently during Mrs. Puri;s daughter's pre-wedding reception. (Language: Hindi)