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The vdbms Project
Advancing Multimedia Database Technology

About vdbms. The vdbms Project is an ongoing multidisciplinary research effort at Purdue University for advancing multimedia database technology. This initiative has successfully developed a video-enhanced database system that supports comprehensive and efficient database management for digital video databases, including: feature-based preprocessing for video content representation and indexing, video and meta-data storage, video query processing, buffer and storage management, and continuous video streaming. Our fundamental concept is to provide a full range of functionality for video as a fundamental database object. vdbms has been developed as a research platform and supports the entire process of investigating, implementing, analyzing and evaluating new multimedia techniques.
Multimedia Database Management
The Research Platform

[click here] for a diagram of the system architecture.
[click here] for a look at the query interface.

A Distributed Database Server for Continuous Media ICDE 2002

A Video Database Management System for Advancing Video Database Research MIS 2002

Medical Video Mining for Efficient Database Indexing, Management and Access ICDE 2003

A Video Database Management System Presentation at ICDE 2002.

vdbms Poster A Video Database Server for Content-based Video Query and Retrieval.

Query Interface Demonstration(.wmv file) and Script.
Description of the query, browse, retrieve and stream functionality of the vdbms query interface.

System Architecture (.wmv file) and Script.
Description of the underlying video-enhanced database technology.

Serving Telemedicine:
WebVideo for Medical Education

The Telemedicine Project Summary Report for the State of Indiana, November 2001.

EduMed Poster WebVideo for Medical Education.

EduMed Search and disovery in digital medical video libraries for basic and continuing medical education. Presentation, December 2001.

Distributed Multimedia Libraries for Medical Education Bringing search, discovery and presentation of video information directly into medical classrooms.

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This project is supported in part by the National Science Foundation under Grants IIS-0209120, IIS-0093116, EIA-9972883 and by the Purdue Research Foundation.

Indiana Center for Database Systems
Computer Sciences Department, Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907

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