CS Major Degree Requirements (7DC)

All CS courses must be completed with a C- or better. 

CS Requirements Course Semester Grade   MA/STAT Requirement  Course Semester Grade
MA 26100, 17400, 18200, 27100         MA 16100,16500      
MA 26500, 35100         MA 16200,16600,17300,18100      
CS 18000         STAT 35000, 51100       
CS 18200          CS 17700, 18000      
CS 24000                
CS 25000         Composition and Presentation Course Semester Grade
CS 25100         ENGL 10600,10800      
CS 35200         Tech Writing/ Presenting      
CS 35400         OR Tech Writing      
CS 38100         Tech Presenting      
CS OPT 1                
CS OPT 2         Language and Culture Course Semester Grade
CS OPT 3         Language 10100      
CS OPT 4          Language 10200      
CS OPT: Any CS ≥ 300 (3 credits). EPICS courses need to be
EPICS design and for at least 3 credits. Only one of the EPICS,
CS 49000/49700 research project can be used as a CS OPT.
  Language 20100/Culture/Diversity      
  OR an Approved Study Abroad      
        General Education ( ≥ 9 credits ) Course Semester Grade
Teambuilding  Course Semester Grade   Sequence Gen Ed I      
Module         Gen Ed II      
Experience         AND an Additional Gen Ed      
OR Approved Combination                
          Great Issues Course Semester Grade
Great Issues Course Semester Grade          
          Multidisciplinary Course Semester Grade
Lab Science (Sequence) Course Semester Grade          
Lab Science I         Residency Requirement: (≥ 32 crd Jr/Sr level)   No Credit 
Lab Science II         Course Crds   Course Credit
Total Hours:                
Current: +                
No Credit: -                
Total Credit Hours ≥ 124:                
          Total:     Total: