CS Theory Group


Faculty Research Interests
Mikhail Attalah Information Security, Algorithms, Parallel Computation, and Computational Geometry.
Saugata Basu Real algebraic and o-minimal Geometry, Computational Algebra and Geometry, Complexity Theory
Jeremiah Blocki Passwords and Authentication, Cryptography, Security, Game Theory and Learning Theory
Simina Brânzei Economics and Computation, Mechanism Design, Dynamical Systems, Algorithms
Tamal K. Dey Theory, Graphics and TGDA(topology, geometry, data analysis)
Petros Drineas Randomization in Numerical Linear Algebra (RandNLA), Machine Learning, Data Mining
Elena Grigorescu Sublinear Algorithms, Property Testing, Error-correcting Codes, Complexity Theory, Learning Theory
Susanne E. Hambrusch Parallel and Distributed Computation, Data Management and Data Dissemination in Wireless Environments, Query Processing, Algorithms
Hemanta K. Maji Theoretical Cryptography, Security, Algorithms
Alex Psomas Algorithmic Economics, Mechanism Design, Social Choice, Artificial Intelligence
Kent Quanrud Approximation Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization
Wojciech Szpankowski Algorithms, Multimedia Data Compression, Bioinformatics, Information Theory, Random Structures, Analytic Combinatorics, Performance Evaluation, Networking.
Paul Valiant Algorithms, Complexity, Fluid Dynamics, Machine Learning, and the brain
Samuel S. Wagstaff Cryptography, Parallel Computation, Analysis of Algorithms (especially number theoretic algorithms)

Courtesy Faculty

Faculty Research Interests
Sabre Kais Quantum Information and Computation and Quantum Phase Transition


Faculty Research Interests
Greg N. Frederickson Data Structures, Graph and Network Algorithms