Matthew Allen Wolff

Graduate Student

Joined department: 2010
BS, Morehead State University, Computer Science (2006)
MS, Purdue University, Computational Science and Engineering (2013)

Selected Publications
R.D. Chatham, M. Doyle, G.H. Fricke, J. Reitmann, R.D. Skaggs, M. Wolff, "Independence and Domination Separation on Chessboard Graphs", Journal of Combinatorial Mathematics and Combinatorial Computing, 2009
David J. Hardy, Matthew A. Wolff, Jianlin Xia, Klaus Schulten, Robert D. Skeel. "Multilevel Summation with B-Spline Interpolation for Pairwise Interactions in Molecular Dynamics Simulations," Journal of Chemical Physics, 2016.