Amani Abu Jabal

Graduate Student

Joined department: 2012
Bachelor of Science, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Computer Science (2007)
Masters of science, Purdue University, Computer Science (2013)

Amani Abu Jabal is a PhD student in computer science at Purdue University. Her areas of interest are compilers design, programming languages, and software engineering. She is interested in fault localization. Her advisor is Prof. Zhiyuan Li.

Beside research, Amani was a software developer for over 3 yrs in the Information Technology Centre at the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) which has been providing technical services in the field of IT since 1972. She was involved in developing many web-based applications for different strategic governmental and private institutions in her home country, Jordan, and abroad. These projects were developed in different languages such as ASP.NET/C#, or J2EE/Java and different databases such as Oracle DB, MS SQL Server, or MySQL.

Selected Publications
Abdullah Al Fararjeh, Amany Abu Jabal, "Recommendations to Improve Performance of an Enterprise Web-based Application", The International Conference on Intelligent Semantic Web-Services and Applications (ISWSA 2010), 203-207 (2010)