Fadi Meawad

Graduate Student

Joined department: 2008
Master of Science, Purdue University, Computer Science (2011)
Bachelor of Science, Facutly of Engineering, Alexandria University, Computer Science (2004)

Selected Publications
Fadi Meawad, Gregor Richards, Floreal Morandat and Jan Vitek, "Eval Begone! Semi-Automated Removal of Eval from JavaScript Programs", OOPSLA, 2012
Fadi Meawad, Karthik Iyer, Martin Schoeberl and Jan Vitek, "Real-Time Wait-Free Queues using Micro-Transactions", JTRES, 2011
Fadi Meawad, Ryan Macnak, and Jan Vitek, "Collecting Transactional Garbage", TRANSACT, 2011