Assefaw Gebremedhin

Assefaw Gebremedhin

Research Assistant Professor

Joined department: 2010

PhD, Computer Science
University of Bergen, Norway (2003)
MSc (Cand.scient), Computer Science
University of Bergen, Norway (1999)
BSc, Electrical Engineering
Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia (1992)

Assefaw Gebremedhin's research interests include: combinatorial scientific computing (CSC), high-performance computing, optimization, Algorithmic (or Automatic) Differentiation, and data-intensive computing. CSC is an interdisciplinary research area where one applies combinatorial theory and algorithms to analyze and efficiently solve problems in computational science, computational engineering, and emerging information sciences. Assefaw is a founding member and a co-investigator in the Combinatorial Scientific Computing and Petascale Simulations Institute (CSCAPES), a multi-institution collaborative effort funded by the Department of Energy for 2006-11 to conduct algorithmic research and software development work in three broad areas: load balancing and parallelization toolkits, advanced Automatic Differentiation capabilities, and advanced methods for sparse matrix computations.

Assefaw has served as an organizing committee member and proceedings co-editor for Para2000, and as a minisymposium organizer in many SIAM conferences. He frequently serves as a referee for a variety of journals and conferences in scientific computing, parallel computing, and algorithmic computer science.

Selected Publications
Umit Catalyurek, John Feo, Assefaw Gebremedhin, Mahantesh Halappanavar and Alex Pothen, "Graph Coloring Algorithms for Multicore and Massively Multithreaded Architectures", Parallel Computing 38, pp 576--594, 2012.
Assefaw Gebremedhin, Alex Pothen, Arijit Tarafdar and Andrea Walther, "Efficient Computation of Sparse Hessians Using Coloring and Automatic Differentiation", INFORMS Journal on Computing Vol 21, No 2, pp 209--223, 2009.
Assefaw Gebremedhin, Arijit Tarafdar, Fredrik Manne and Alex Pothen, "New Acyclic and Star Coloring Algorithms with Applications to Hessian Computation", SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, Vol 29, No 3, pp 1042--1072, 2007.
Research Funding
Alex Pothen, Assefaw Gebremedhin, Combinatorial Algorithms to Enable Scientific Computing on Multithreaded Architectures, "Energy, U.S. Department Of", 07/01/2013-06/30/2014
Alex Pothen, Assefaw Gebremedhin, AF:Small: Combinatorial Algorithms to Enable Derivative Computations ... on Multicore Architectures, National Science Foundation, 09/01/2012-08/31/2015