Next Generation Traffic Control

Self-Similar and Multimedia Traffic Control

Principal Investigator: Kihong Park

Sponsor: NSF (ANI-9714707)

Students: Tsunyi Tuan, Ambal Balakrishnan, Wei Wang


In this project, we study the issue of how to design network protocols that effectively deal with the scale-invariant burstiness associated with self-similar traffic. Our framework - multiple time scale traffic control (MTSC) - exploits long-range dependence present in self-similar traffic to facilitate effective traffic control at several time scales. This work builds on our earlier work on the characterization of the causal roots of traffic self-similarity and its performance impact which showed that self-similarity is a ubiquitous phenomenon on the Internet with detrimental effect on network performance. Our work has resulted in enhanced, extensible protocols for both bulk (e.g., TCP) and real-time traffic (e.g., UDP-based MPEG video and audio) that achieve significant performance improvement vis-a-vis existing protocols.


New solutions to Internet traffic control for bulk and QoS-sensitive data transport under self-similar traffic conditions. Some of the issues include:


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