Research Funding

Kihong Park. CAREER: Toward a QoS Provision Architecture for Noncooperative Networks: Theory and Implementation, National Science Foundation, PI, 04/99-03/03, $348,401.

Kihong Park. Self-Similar Network Traffic and Its Control, National Science Foundation, PI, 03/98-02/02, $215,000.

Kihong Park. The Internet as a Complex System, Santa Fe Institute, Fellow-at-Large, PI, 08/00-07/01, $5,000.

Kihong Park. Toward Scalable Solutions for Distributed Denial of Service Attack Prevention, DARPA, PI, 7/01-6/03, $442,284.

Kihong Park. QoS-Aware, Secure and Reliable Distributed Scheduling, Xerox, PI, 11/00-10/02, $30,000.

Kihong Park. Route-Based Distributed Packet Filtering for Distributed Denial of Service Attack Prevention, CERIAS, PI, 6/01-5/02, $45,175.

Kihong Park. Dune (Distributed UNix Environment): An "Off-the-shelf" Approach to Distributed Operating System Design, Purdue Research Foundation, PI, 08/98-08/00, $23,332.

Kihong Park and Jennifer Hou. ITR: Multiple Time Scale Traffic Control for Next Generation Internets, National Science Foundation, PI, 09/00-09/03, $460,370.

Kihong Park and Eugene H. Spafford. ATM Network Security, Sprint, PI, 01/96-12/99, $215,000.

Kihong Park and Walter Willinger. The Internet as a Large-Scale Complex System, National Science Foundation, PI, 03/01-02/02, $15,000.

Ahmed Elmagarmid, Arif Ghafoor, Tim Korb, Kihong Park, and Eugene H. Spafford. MSI: A Research Infrastructure for Integrated Quality of Service Management in Multimedia Computing Environments, National Science Foundation, co-PI, 09/99-08/04, $1,386,611.

Ananth Grama, Kihong Park, and David Yau. ISAC: Integrated Systems Support for Adaptive Communication and Computation Control, National Science Foundation, co-PI, 08/98-07/02, $564,107.

Aditya P. Mathur and Kihong Park. Reliability and Fault-Tolerance, SERC, co-PI, 07/95-06/98, $25,000.

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