Network Systems Lab

  Enabling Scalable Communication on the Internet   
  and Beyond


Following is a list of current members in the Network Systems Lab at Purdue University:


    • Prof. Kihong Park

Research Scientists

    • Dr. Keolwoo Yu


    • Dr. Kyungsup Kim
    • Dr. Huan Ren

Graduate Students

    • Asad Awan (Doctoral, RA)
    • Bhagya Bethala (Doctoral, RA)
    • Sunwoong Choi (Doctoral, Exchange Student from SNU)
    • Humayun Khan (Doctoral, RA)
    • Hyojeong Kim (Doctoral, RA)

The lab has graduated two Ph.D. recipients, Dr. Shaogang Chen, presently with CPlane, and Dr. Huan Ren, presently a postdoc in the lab. Past lab members include Prof. Saewoong Bahk (Assoc. Prof., SNU/Korea), Prof. Ali Selcuk (Assist. Prof., Bilkent Univ./Turkey), Dr. Heejo Lee (CTO, Ahnlab/Korea), and Dr. Jisoo Kim (Samsung Data Networks/Korea).

For further information or questions, please contact


 Purdue University