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Research Funding

Research support is provided by grants and donations from government and industry, including NSF, DARPA, CERIAS, ETRI, SFI, Intel, Sprint, and Xerox. Software support is provided by Cisco and Teja. A list of current and recent grants:

Kihong Park. Toward High-Performance WLANs: Bridging the Physical Layer Divide, National Science Foundation, PI, 08/09-07/13, $335,448.

Kihong Park. A Study for a Curriculum of Department of Information Security at Universities in Korea, Korea Institute of Information Security & Cryptology, PI, 01/10-12/10, $16,000.

Kihong Park. Predictable, Scalable QoS Routing for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Based on Heavy-tailed Statistics, IAI/ARO, PI, 09/06-09/08, $219,855.

Kihong Park. Research into Abnormal Malicious Remote Control Detection, NSRI, PI, 11/06-11/07, $60,878.

Kihong Park. Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Large-Scale Wireless LANs, Purdue Research Foundation, PI, 06/06-05/07, $15,292.

Kihong Park. Predictable, Scalable QoS Routing for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks Based on Heavy-tailed Statistics, IAI/ARO, PI, 08/05-02/06, $35,000.

Kihong Park. Network Security Management Framework Research, ETRI, PI, 11/02-12/05, $207,265.

Kihong Park. CAREER: Toward a QoS Provision Architecture for Noncooperative Networks: Theory and Implementation, National Science Foundation, PI, 04/99-03/04, $348,401.

Ahmed Elmagarmid, Arif Ghafoor, Tim Korb, Kihong Park, and Eugene H. Spafford. MSI: A Research Infrastructure for Integrated Quality of Service Management in Multimedia Computing Environments, National Science Foundation, co-PI, 09/99-08/04, $1,386,611.

Kihong Park. Toward Scalable Solutions for Distributed Denial of Service Attack Prevention, DARPA, PI, 7/01-6/03, $442,284.

Kihong Park and Jennifer Hou. ITR: Multiple Time Scale Traffic Control for Next Generation Internets, National Science Foundation, PI, 09/00-09/03, $460,370.

Kihong Park. QoS-Aware, Secure and Reliable Distributed Scheduling, Xerox, PI, 11/00-10/03, $45,000.

Kihong Park. Self-Similar Network Traffic and Its Control, National Science Foundation, PI, 03/98-02/02, $215,000.

Kihong Park. Route-Based Distributed Packet Filtering for Distributed Denial of Service Attack Prevention, CERIAS, PI, 6/01-5/02, $45,175.

Kihong Park and Walter Willinger. The Internet as a Large-Scale Complex System, National Science Foundation, PI, 03/01-02/02, $15,000.

Ananth Grama, Kihong Park, and David Yau. ISAC: Integrated Systems Support for Adaptive Communication and Computation Control, National Science Foundation, co-PI, 08/98-07/02, $564,107.

Kihong Park. The Internet as a Complex System, Santa Fe Institute, Fellow-at-Large, PI, 08/00-07/01, $5,000.

Kihong Park. Dune (Distributed UNix Environment): An "Off-the-shelf" Approach to Distributed Operating System Design, Purdue Research Foundation, PI, 08/98-08/00, $23,332.

Kihong Park and Eugene H. Spafford. ATM Network Security, Sprint, PI, 01/96-12/99, $215,000.

Aditya P. Mathur and Kihong Park. Reliability and Fault-Tolerance, SERC, co-PI, 07/95-06/98, $25,000.

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