Network Systems Colloquium


Philippe Jacquet

December 8, 1:30PM
CS 101
(Note special date/time/room)


We use the mean-field methodology in order to derive the asymptotic behavior of N TCP connection transiting through a buffer of finite size. We assume that the server are located on a very fast link and the clients are located on a relatively slower link. The two links are connected by a router with a buffer of finite size. The exchanged file are assumed infinite. We derive the asymptotic distribution of the buffer occupancy and of the window size when both the number of connections and the buffer size increase.

This is joint work with Cedric Adjih and Nikita Vvedenskaya.

The Network Systems Colloquium is sponsored by the Network Systems Lab at Purdue University. For further information, please contact Kihong Park ( or 765-494-7821).