Network Systems Colloquium


Ben Teitelbaum
Internet2 / Advanced Network & Services

November 15, 2PM
STEW 318 (Note special room)


The Internet2 project is a partnership of over 170 leading US research universities, working with industry and government, to enable new advanced networked applications to meet the emerging needs of higher education. Since its inception, one of the primary technical objectives of Internet2 has been to engineer scalable, interoperable, and administrable interdomain Quality of Service (QoS) to support an evolving set of new advanced networked applications. Applications like distance learning, remote instrument access and control, advanced scientific visualization, and networked collaboratories will allow universities to fulfill their research and education missions into the future, but only if the network QoS that these applications require can be assured.

To meet this challenge, the Internet2 QBone initiative has brought together network planners, engineers, and advanced applications developers from across the research and higher education networking community to specify and build an interdomain testbed for IP QoS. The QBone architecture leverages the differentiated services forwarding primitives under standardization in the IETF and aims to provide a virtual leased-line service model across a highly-instrumented and open interdomain testbed. This talk will cover the steps that have been taken to deploy the QBone architecture, with particular emphasis on early deployment experience within the Abilene backbone network. The role of networking research in the Internet2 project will also be addressed.

Ben Teitelbaum is lead QoS Engineer with Internet2/UCAID and an Internet Engineer with Advanced Network & Services. He chairs the Internet2 QoS Working Group, which is responsible for the Internet2 QBone initiative, an effort to build an advanced test bed for inter-domain IP differentiated services. Ben is also leading the evaluation and deployment of new QoS technologies and services in the Abilene backbone network and, at Advanced Network & Services, is involved with architecting and engineering the Surveyor IP Provider Metrics (IPPM) measurement infrastructure. He holds degrees in mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and computer science from the University of Wisconsin Madison.

The Network Systems Colloquium is sponsored by the Network Systems Lab at Purdue University. For further information, please contact Kihong Park ( or 765-494-7821).