Network Systems Colloquium


Prof. Ness Shroff
Purdue University

October 11, 1:30PM
*Note special time*
CS 111


I will first provide a brief overview of some of the pressing problems in wireless networks and how scheduling fits into this framework. I will then talk about some very recent work conducted with my student Xin Liu and colleague Edwin Chong on the development of an "opportunistic" transmission scheduling policy. This ``opportunistic'' transmission scheduling policy exploits time-varying channel conditions and maximizes the system performance stochastically under given resource allocation fairness constraints. Our results on the optimality of the scheduling schemes hold with the assumption that users' performance values are stationary. Through simulation results, we will show that the scheme also works well for nonstationary scenarios and results in significant performance improvements over schemes that do not take into account the effect of channel conditions. I will also talk about the potential impact of this work and the various directions in which we see it developing.

The Network Systems Colloquium is sponsored by the Network Systems Lab at Purdue University. For further information, please contact Kihong Park ( or 765-494-7821).