Scalable Internet QoS Architecture

Scalable Internet QoS Architecture

Principal Investigator: Kihong Park

Sponsor: NSF (ANI-9875789, CAREER; EIA-9972883)

Students: Shaogang Chen, Huan Ren


This project investigates QoS provisioning architectures for wide area networks such as the Internet where users are selfish and possess diverse QoS requirements. The two principal challenges are scalability and QoS-sensitivity - i.e., above and beyond differentiated services - both of which are required to facilitate a working architecture for the next generation Internet. We have constructed such an architecture - SBS (Stratified Best-effort Service) - which will be implemented and benchmarked on the Purdue Infobahn, a private configurable WAN testbed which is in the process of being built.

SBS Architecture Overview (pdf) (ps)   ||   Purdue Infobahn QoS Testbed


New solutions to effective QoS provision on the Internet. Some of the issues include:


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