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Network Systems Colloquium

Fall 2000

The talks are held on Wednesdays at 2pm in CS 111 unless otherwise specified.

Date Speaker Title
August 23 Kihong Park
Purdue Univ., CS
"Overview of Network Systems Lab Projects"
August 30 Heejo Lee
POSTECH & Purdue
"IP Traceback for Denial of Service Attack Prevention"
September 6 Huan Ren
Purdue Univ., CS
"On the Power of Differentiated Services Networks"
September 13 Mike Devetsikiotis
Carleton Univ., SCE
"Designing Complex Communication Networks: Modeling, Analysis and Algorithmic Methods"
September 20 Jennifer Hou
Ohio State Univ., EE
"QoS Extension to Core-Based Multicast Routing Protocols"
September 27 David Yau
Purdue Univ., CS
"Real-time and Differentiated Web Services using Orthogonal Kernel Resource Allocations"
October 5
Note special date and time (11am)
Kang G. Shin
Univ. of Michigan, EECS
"EMERALDS: A Small-Memory Real-Time Microkernel"
October 11
Note special time (1:30pm)
Ness Shroff
Purdue Univ., ECE
"Transmission Scheduling for Efficient Wireless Network Utilization"
October 18 Santa Claus
North Pole Univ., CS
"On the Virtues of Rest, Taking-It-Easy, Meditation and Reindeer Steak"
October 25
Note special time (1pm)
Sonia Fahmy
Purdue Univ., CS
"Congestion Control for Reliable Multicast in the Internet: Challenges and Approaches"
November 1 John Cruz
Purdue Univ., CS
"Communication-Sensitive Load Balancing and its Performance Under Distributed Workload Environments"
November 8 Saewoong Bahk
Seoul National Univ.
"Optical IP Networks and Traffic Engineering"
November 15
Note special room (STEW 318)
Ben Teitelbaum
"Internet2 Quality of Service"
November 16
Note special date/time/room (10:30am)
Klara Nahrstedt
Univ. of Illinois, CS
"Distributed QoS Compilation and Runtime System"
November 20
Note special date/room (CS 101)
Yuriy Reznik
"Some Problems Related to Streaming Media Delivery on the Internet"
November 22 Thanksgiving Holiday "Principles of Turkey Eating"
November 29
Note special room
(CS 101)
Peter Steenkiste
"An Application-Driven Approach to Network Quality of Service"
December 4
4:30pm, MATH 175
Pravin Varaiya
UC Berkeley, EECS
"Structure, Semantics, and Construction of Highly Autonomous Systems" [Sam Conte Distinguished Lecture]
December 6
Note special room
(CS 101)
Miron Livny
Univ. of Wisconsin, CS
"Commodity Computing"
December 8
Note special date/time/room
(CS 101)
Philippe Jacquet
"Analysis of Multi-User TCP Connections"
December 18
Note special date/room
(CS 101)
Shivkumar Kalyanaraman
"Edge-Based Traffic Management Building Blocks for the Internet"

The Network Systems Colloquium is sponsored by the Network Systems Lab. For further information, contact Kihong Park (park@cs.purdue.edu or 494-7821).

Purdue University Network Systems Lab
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