Network Systems Lab

  Enabling Scalable Communication on the Internet   
  and Beyond


The Network Systems Lab at Purdue University, located in room G50 of the CS Building, houses people and equipment aimed at "enabling scalable communication on the Internet and beyond." Three principal projects are conducted spanning QoS provisioning, traffic control, and network security:

    • Scalable QoS Provisioning
    • Workload-Sensitive Traffic Control
    • Proactive Network Security

The projects are supported by grants from government and industry. Project related publications and software are available for public download. The lab houses Q-Bahn, a QoS testbed for demonstrating scalable and deployable IP QoS targeted at legacy applications running over legacy operating systems. The wireless extension of Q-Bahn provides coverage across the three floors of the CS Building.

The lab's approach to research is best captured by Wolfgang Pauli's remark, "This isn't right, this isn't even wrong." We take it to mean that life's too short to dwell on mediocre problems and try to live accordingly.

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