Undergraduate Student Board Expands CS Helproom Services

Writer(s): Jesica Hollinger


Members of the CS Undergraduate Student Board (USB) were granted approval to expand the USB Helproom, a weekly tutoring program created to assist students with CS course work.

In response to an overwhelming need to grow the program, USB students submitted a proposal to the department’s corporate partners, who gave support and insights about improving and expanding the effort.

The enhancement of the tutoring program doubles the amount of tutors and dramatically increases the sessions available. Beginning this fall, four tutors will be available Monday-Friday for two-hour sessions. Previously, only two tutors were available from 7-9pm on Wednesday night.

“We had more than six people in the help room almost every week and we constantly had to leave a student after we'd barely answered one or two of their questions, in order to help the other students, who were waiting,” Opell said.

Opell said he got involved in the program, because members of USB talked him into it, not knowing it would be something he would grow to love.

Opell added, “Its a very rewarding feeling when you can see that light bulb flick on in somebody's head and you can tell that they really understand what’s going on.”

Members of the USB participate in events and projects, throughout the academic year. The board’s goals focus on improving recruitment and retention of students in the CS department, and facilitating communication between students, faculty, and corporate partners.

Tutors earn $10 an hour, which is covered by the Corporate Partners Program and the Department of Computer Science, who also provided enthusiast support of USB's expansion efforts. Individuals interested in learning more about USB can email questions to usb@cs.purdue.edu or visit the web site.