aref.jpgWalid G. Aref (Home Page)
Professor of Computer Science
Office LWSN 2142E
Phone 49-41997
Research Interests: patial, spatio-temporal, multimedia, biological, and sensor databases.
bertino.jpgElisa Bertino (Home Page)
Professor of Computer Science
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (courtesy)
Research Director of CERIAS
Interim Director of Cyber Center, Discovery Park
Office LWSN 2142G
Phone 49-62399
Research Interests: access control systems, secure publishing techniques and secure broadcast for XML data; advanced RBAC models and foundations of access control models; trust negotiation languages and privacy; data mining and security; multi-strategy filtering systems for Web pages and sites; security for grid computing systems; integration of virtual reality techniques and databases; and geographical information systems and spatial databases.
clifton.jpgChris Clifton (Home Page)
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Associate Professor of Statistics (by courtesy)
Director of ICDS
Office LWSN 2142F
Phone 765-494-6005
Research Interests: privacy, secure distributed learning, text mining
david.jpgDavid Ebert (Home Page)
Silicon Valley Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University Faculty Scholar
Director of Visual Analytics for Command, Control, and Interoperability Environments
Office: MSEE 274
Phone (765)494-9064
Research Interests: novel visualization techniques, visual analytics, volume rendering, information visualization, perceptually-based visualization, illustrative visualization, mobile graphics and visualization, and procedural abstraction of complex, massive data.
ake.jpgAhmed K. Elamagmid (Home Page)
Professor of Computer Science
Director of the Cyber Center
Founding Director, ICDS
Office: LWSN 2142A
Phone 49-41998
Research Interests: Video databases, data quality and confidentiality, data integration, web service, bioinformatics and multidatabase systems.
arif.jpegArif Ghafoor (Home Page)
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Office: MSEE 236
Phone +1 765 49-40638
Research Interests: Multimedia systems, databases, distributed computing systems, broadband multimedia networking.
seh.jpgSusanne E. Hambrusch (Home Page)
Professor of Computer Science
Associate Professor of Statistics (by courtesy)
Office: LWSN 1179
Phone 49-41831
Research Interests: query management in high update database environments, data management and data dissemination in mobile and sensor environments, parallel and distributed computation, and analysis of algorithms.
jen.jpgJennifer Neville (Home Page)
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Assistant Professor of Statistics
Office LWSN 2142D
Phone 765-496-9387
Research Interests: relational learning, link analysis, social networks, methodology
mourad.jpgMourad Ouzzani (Home Page)
Research Associate Professor, Cyber Center, Discovery Park
Young (Ernest C.) Hall 1015
Phone (765) 494-7917
Research Interests: data integration (schema matching, schema mapping, and record linkage), data quality (repair and data quality rules), spatio temporal data management (constraints awareness and massively parallel), database systems for scientific data (annotation and provenance), and service oriented computing (efficient querying and composition, access control, and service oriented large scale cyberinfrastructures).
ASCIISunil Prabhakar (Home Page)
Interim Department Head
Professor of Computer Science
Office: LWSN 2142C
Phone 49-46008
Research Interests: developing novel database systems for managing probabilistic (uncertain) data, and ensuring authenticity and integrity of outsourced databases.
luo.jpgLuo Si (Home Page)
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Assistant Professor of Statistics (by courtesy)
Office: LWSN 2142B
Phone 49-69381
Research Interests: information retrieval, machine learning, text mining, speech and multimedia processing, and data mining.
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