Theoretical CS Reading Group

The reading group meets once a week usually, Friday 12-2pm to discuss a particular paper or topic.

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Spring & Summer 2015

Friday, 2nd Mar 2015 — Quantum Algorithms and Complexity
Presenter: Yudong Cao

Wednesday, 4th Mar 2015 — TCS+ talk by Madhu Sudan, "Communication with Imperfectly Shared Randomness"

Friday, 9th Mar 2015Convergent Sequences of Dense Graphs I: Subgraph Frequencies, Metric Properties and Testing
Presenter: Abram Magner

Friday, 29th May 2015Dependent Random Choice
Presenter: Abram Magner

Friday, 11th June 2015 — NP Hardness of decoding Reed Solomon Codes
Presenter: GV

Friday, 26th June 2015Steiner k-forest
Presenter: Wuwei Zhang

Friday, 16th July 2015Online Submodular Maximization with Preemption
Presenter: Peng Zhang