David K Y Yau

Associate Professor-Computer Sci/Ece


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Purdue University
Department of Computer Sciences
305 N. University Street
West Lafayette, Indiana, 47907-2107
Office Phone: +1 765-494-9027
FAX:          765-494-0739


Professor Yau's research aims to improve the robustness and predictability of complex large-scale networks (e.g., today's Internet and tomorrow's pervasive wireless networks). He designs network systems and algorithms to give enhanced quality of service for heterogeneous users. A current focus is towards enabling seamless cooperation of many wirelessly connected small devices each having limited computing and battery power. Beyond efficiency, David is interested in making large-scale networks fundamentally more attractive as platforms of work, by ensuring the availability of network services and the quality of information being exchanged.

Dr. Yau directs the Purdue Laboratory for Advanced Network Systems (PLANS). His research group has developed CROSS, a software-programmable router architecture capable of per-flow resource management and service composition using modular protocol elements, in open source Linux. Using the component-based software and in collaboration with Purdue Civil Engineering researchers, he has designed and implemented a low-cost sensor network for structural health monitoring. (This project was selected as an NSF Highlight in 2010; see also article in Purdue/Industry Partnerships, Winter 2008--09.) Under SensorNet, he and his students are working on the design and prototyping of a sensor-cyber network for plume detection, localization, and tracking. The network's operation is designed to be robust under uncertainty, noise, and measurement errors, and is optimized for information capture considering real-world event dynamics and the temporal and spatial dimensions of sensing.

Professor Yau has served on the editorial board of IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (2004--09). He has served as Steering Committee member (2007--2009) and TPC co-chair (2006) of IEEE IWQoS, TPC co-chair (2007), Vice General Chair (2006), and TPC Area Chair (2011) of IEEE ICNP, and TPC co-chair of MSN 2010. He has been a TPC member of many IEEE/ACM conferences. He has served as panelist and reviewer for the Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, the Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, the Research Council of Norway, University of Cyprus, U.S. Army Research Office, Qatar National Research Fund, among others. His research has been funded by NSF, DOE, ONR/ORNL, IBM, CERIAS, the Purdue Research Foundation, and the Indiana 21st Century Research and Technology Fund. In 2004, he was on sabbatical leave at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he was Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. He serves as Guest Professor of Zhejiang University (Hangzhou, China), and has given summer teaching at Tsinghua University (Beijing, China). He is also Distinguished Scientist at the Advanced Digital Sciences Center, the University of Illinois's research center in Singapore, and Adjunct Professor of Coordinated Science Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Dr. Yau recently concluded a successful research program in SensorNet. He currently participates in the Human Sixth Sense Program at ADSC. His other sponsored research includes cyber-physical systems (DOE Office of Advanced Computing Research; see related DOE article), incentives for risk-aware access control (NSF Trustworthy Computing), uncertainty-resilient sensor networks (NSF NeTS), and energy-efficient urban sensing (NSFC Overseas Scholar Collaboration Fund).

Ph.D. student opening: I am looking for PhD students strong in game theory and/or mathematical analysis for my sponsored research projects, to start in Fall 2010 or Spring 2011. If interested, please email me your CV and highlights of relevant experience in any of (i) game theoretic analysis of any problem, (ii) analysis and optimization in networking, security, or distributed systems.


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