Xavier TRICOCHE, Ph.D.


Xavier Tricoche is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Purdue working in visualization, data analysis, and graphics. He is affiliated with the Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab. One of his long term research interests lies in application of visualization to the study of various phenomena controlled by dynamical systems. In particular, he has published extensively on the use of topological and differential geometric tools to analyze the structure of fluid flows. He research has also explored various topics in medical image analysis. His recent focus has been on problems related to orbital mechanics, as well as on data approximation and data reduction techniques that find their motivation in the exploration of very large datasets. His research applies ideas from a range of mathematical topics and investigates new algorithmic approaches that enables the efficient visual analysis of large-scale and high-dimensional data. His research is fundamentally multi-disciplinary, involving many exciting collaborations, both on and off campus.


LWSN 3154P

305 N University St.

West Lafayette, IN 47907


T: (765) 496-9416

F: (765) 494-0739

Ph.D., Computer Science, Univ. Kaiserslautern, 2002

MSc., Applied Mathematics, Univ. Grenoble, 1998

Dipl. Eng., Computer Science, ENSIMAG, 1998

Associate Professor of Computer Science, Purdue University