Xavier TRICOCHE, Ph.D.


I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science working in Visualization, Geometric Data Analysis, and Computer Graphics. I am affiliated with the Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab. My current focus is on problems related to fluid flows, geology, materials science, and biomedicine. My research borrows ideas from a range of mathematical topics and investigates new algorithmic approaches for the efficient visual analysis of very large scale and high-dimensional data. The activities of my group are fundamentally multi-disciplinary and they involve collaborations on and off campus.


LWSN 3154P

305 N University St.

West Lafayette, IN 47907


T: (765) 496-9416

F: (765) 494-0739

Ph.D., Computer Science, Univ. Kaiserslautern, 2002

MSc., Applied Mathematics, Univ. Grenoble, 1998

Dipl. Eng., Computer Science, ENSIMAG, 1998

Associate Professor of Computer Science, Purdue University