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Class: Tuesday, Thursdays, 12:30 -- 1:20 LWSN 1106 Campus Map
Instructor: Sunil Prabhakar
Office: LWSN 2142C
Phone: (765) 494 6008


This class is intended for first year graduate students. Its goal is to help graduate students identify research areas they are interested in and faculty members they would like to work with, as well as accelerate students' involvement in research.


A student may register for this course as a one credit pass/fail course. Attendance will be taken at each lecture. In order to pass, students can miss at most 2 lectures. If you have to miss more than 3 due to extreme situations, you should obtain approval from the course instructor before missing the lecture.

Academic Integrity

Academic Honesty and Ethical behavior are required in this course, as it is in all courses at Purdue University (here is the guide for academic integrity). The class will be conducted according to the policy written by Professor Gene Spafford. Please take the time to read it carefully. This will be followed unless I provide written documentation of exceptions. You are encouraged to talk with the professor about any questions you have about what is permitted on any particular assignment.