Research Grants:

NSF: Towards Analytic Information Theory: Data Compression, Predication and Universal Coding Through Analytic Methods.

CERIAS at Purdue: Finding Reliable Threshold for Intrusion Detection.

Hong Kong Earmarked Research Grant: Towards a General Approach to Pre-queue Stability Problems with Applications in Wireless Communications (with R. K. C. Chang, HKPolyU).

NSF: Analytic Information Theory, Combinatorics, and Algorithmics: The Precise Redundancy and Related Problems.

NSA: Exact and Asymptotic Solutions to Probabilistic Problems on Sequences (with C. Knessl).

CERIAS at Purdue: Algorithms and Software for Accurate and Complete Intrusion Detection Systems" (with A. Grama).

NSF: Information Theory and Computer Science Interface.

NIH: Algebraic, Combinatorial and Probabilistic Methods for Biological Sequences (with A. Gramaa nd S. Subramaniam).

AFOSR (through EOARD): User Misbehaviour in Distributed Computer Systems and Networks (with J. Konorski and J. Wozniak).

NSF: "Crossroads of Information Theory and Computer Science: Analytic Algorithmics, Combinatorics, and Information Theory.

NSF: Collaborative Research: Nonlinear Equations Arising in Information Theory and Computer Sciences (with C. Knessl).

NSF: : Information Transfer in Biological Systems (with A. Grama and D. Kihara).

NSF: Collaborative Research: Information Theory of Data Structures.

NSF: Science and Technology Center: Emerging Frontiers of Science of Information (A. Goldsmith, M. Sudan, S. Verdu, and Bin Yu).