Event-based Pervasive Programming



The idiom of application event has become the cornerstone for many programming paradigms, patterns, and models, particularly in distributed multi-party interaction. Events bear many advantages over more traditional ways of programming predominantly in a sequential style and adding concurrency later on.

Events have been used in more fundamental computation models for decades already, yet in programming languages enjoy only limited and specialized support so far. The goal of this project is to develop general-purpose event-based programming support, with emphasis on pervasive systems. A core concern is the achievement of an expressive language which can be implemented very efficiently, and the expression of causality to support dynamic analysis and debugging.



The work on this project includes various angles.

  1. Our first endeavour is to develop the formal foundations for expressive event-based distributed programming models. A first step towards this goal is the C3 calculus (calculus of content-aware channels), a process algebra which can be viewed as variant of distributed join calculus with more powerful channels, which support multicast and event correlation. These channels reflect the functionalities of the last generation of content-based publish/subscribe systems.
  2. A practical programming language based on our formal model has been realized as a strict extension of the Java programming language. This language, which goes by the name of EventJava, unifies event handlers with methods, and unicast and multicast interaction. EventJava can be viewed as a language framework, which hinges on a first class notion of context, allowing the language to be adapted to various existing communication substrates and system models. Our reference implementation for large-scale internet programming builds on JGroups and Jess.


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This project is currently financially supported by the National Science Foundation through grants 0644013 ("Pervasive Programming with Event Correlation") and 0834529 ("A Holistic Approach to Reliable Pervasive Systems").


Main project members

P. Eugster, K. R. Jayaram, A. Holzer