I am a PhD. student in the Department of Computer Science at Purdue University. My research interests are in the areas of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Particularly in highly structured problems that require complex inferences. My work focuses on combining deep learning and graphical models to work in these highly structured settings. I am currently working with Professor Dan Goldwasser as part of the Purdue NLP Group.


DRaiL: a Step Towards Declarative Deep Relational Learning

Published by EMNLP 2016 Workshop on Structured Prediction

Xiao Zhang*, Maria Leonor Pacheco*, Chang Li, Dan Goldwasser.

Adapting Event Embedding for Implicit Discourse Relations

Published by CoNLL 2016 Shared Task

Maria Leonor Pacheco, I-Ta Lee, Xiao Zhang, Abdullah Khan Zehady, Pranjal Daga, Di Jin, Ayush Parolia, Dan Goldwasser

A Universal Background Approach for Autorship Verification

Published by CLEF 2015 (Working Notes)

Maria Leonor Pacheco, Kelwin Fernandes, Aldo Porco

Dept. of CS, Purdue University 2017-01-02 —

Graduate Research Assistant

Twitter - Cortex 2018-06-11 — 2018-08-31

Software Engineering Intern

Dept. of CS, Purdue University 2015-08-17 — 2016-12-21

Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Bridge to Computer Science Program (Summer 2016)
  • CS180: Problem Solving and Object Oriented Programming (Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Summer 2016, Fall 2016)

Predictvia 2013-11-01 — 2015-07-30

Software Engineer

Design, implementation and optimization of the prediction engine for Seenatra, a machine learning powered application for digital marketing.

Nagaoka University of Technology 2011-09-15 — 2012-07-30

Research Intern

Visiting student at the Knowledge Systems Laboratory under Prof. Takashi Yukawa. Worked on Information Extraction from tweets for disaster relief during mass emergencies

Purdue University 2015-08-17 —

Computer Science

Universidad Simón Bolívar 2007-09-15 — 2013-07-30

Computer Science

Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Award

by Purdue Graduate School
19th Annual Celebration of Graduate Teaching Excellence, April 2017

Student Exchange Support Scholarship

Scholarship for Short-Term Study in Japan in the year 2011-2012