CS 591 RS2 - Research Seminar For First Year Grad Students

Fall 2016

Course Management


  • LWSN B155
  • Monday and Wednesday 3:30-4:30 starting October 19


  • Ninghui Li
  • Office: LWSN 2142K
  • Office hours: By appointment.


This course is structured as a series of presentations by faculty and staff that are intended to provide the students with perspectives on how to be successful in their careers. The primary focus is on how to succeed at graduate studies in CS, with many of the presentations providing hints and material that may be useful throughout the students' careers.


Grading is pass/fail and based on attendance. Students are expected to attend all lectures. Students coming to the lecture more than 10 minutes late will be counted as absent.

If a lecture is missed, the student may make up the class by viewing the archived video of the lecture, and then writing a one-page summary of the lecture contents. This should include a statement about the overall theme of the video, and an explanation of at least 3 major points made by the speaker. This document should be emailed to the instructor. Students may also submit a printed copy dropped off at his office in Lawson. Note that you may not make up more than 2 classes in this fashion without explicit approval of the instructor.

Week-By-Week Topics

This is approximate, and will be adjusted based on current events and the availability of guest speakers.

Date Speaker Topic Convener Archived Video
10/19 Prof. N. Li Introduction to the class & general info about graduate work N. Li Video Recording
10/24 (in LWSN 1142) Prof. E. H. Spafford Ethics & Integrity R. Mallus Video Recording
10/26 M. Shively and several new faculty members Transition from Initial Advisor to Regular Advisor to Advisory Committee R. Mallus No Video Recording
10/31 Prof. E. H. Spafford What is Science? N. Li Video Recording
11/2 Panel of PhD Students Experiences on Graduate Study and Research N. Li No Video Recording
11/7 Prof. V. Popescu How to Write a CS Paper N. Li Slides Video
11/9 Prof. D. Aliaga Graphics and Visualization Research in CS N. Li Video
11/14 Profs. R. Samanta and B. Delaware Programming Language Research in CS N. Li Video
11/16 Profs. J. Blocki and B. Lee Security and Privacy Research in CS Video
11/21 Professor D. Comer Research Careers in Academia and Industry N. Li No video recording
11/23 Thanksgiving Holiday Turkey w/stuffing
11/28 Profs. S. Fahmy and H. Wang Networking and Mobile Computing Research in CS N. Li Video
11/30 Professor M. Witt How to Use Purdue Library Resources
Remember to bring a laptop or tablet to class!
N. Li Slides Video
12/5 Prof. M. Sadoghi Database Research in CS N. Li Video
12/7 Prof. P. Drineas Computational Science and Engineering Research in CS N. Li Video