Jennifer Neville

Network Learning and Discovery Lab

Graduate students


Sait Celebi, CS Dept, 2014-


Ahmed Elbagoury, CS Dept, 2017-


Guilherme Gomes, Stat Dept, 2014-


Pablo Robles Granda, CS Dept, 2012-


Mengyue Hang, CS Dept, 2016-


Ellen Lai, CS Dept, 2013-


Jason Meng, CS Dept, 2014-


Hogun Park, CS Dept, 2013-


Xi Tan, CS Dept, 2012-


Jiasen Yang, Stat Dept, 2013-


Giselle Zeno, CS Dept, 2014-


Shandian Zhe, CS Dept, 2012-

Undergraduate students

Elizabeth Tigner, CS Dept, 2016-

Shubika Barjatya, Stat Dept, 2017-

Gouthami Kamalnath, CS Dept, 2017-

Aviral Mansingka, CS Dept, 2017-

Benjamin Staiger, CS Dept, 2017-


Nesreen Ahmed, PhD 2015, now at Intel Research

Iman Alodah, MSc 2016, now at TBD

Jordan Bates, BSc 2012, now at Arizona State University, Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences

Christopher Cole, BSc 2013, now at Amazon

Hoda Eldardiry, PhD 2012, now at Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

Brian Donovan, BSc 2013, now at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Civil Engineering Dept

Alex Hanna, BSc 2008, now at University of Wisconsin, Sociology Dept

Suvidha Kancharla, MSc 2014, now at Microsoft

Ankit Kuwadekar, BSc 2010, now at Amazon

Timothy La Fond, PhD 2016, now at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Christopher Mayfield, PhD 2011, now at James Madison University, CS Dept

John Moore, MSc 2016, now at Microsoft

Sebastian Moreno Araya, PhD 2014, now at Universidad Adolfo Ibanez, Chile

Stephen Mussmann, BSc 2015, now at Stanford University, CS Dept

Karthik Nagaraj, PhD 2013, now at Google

Ransen Niu, BSc 2016, now at Cornell University, CS Dept

Joel Pfeiffer, PhD 2015, now at Microsoft

Umang Sharan, MSc 2008, now at YouTube

Daniel Roberts, BSc 2013, now at EMC Isilon

Tao Wang, Postdoc 2009-11, now at Apple

Rongjing Xiang, PhD 2012, now at Google