CS590N Statistical Relational Learning
Spring 2007: Schedule of Readings

January 9: Introduction January 11: Example applications -----Presentation: Rich, Discussion: Jen January 16: Uncertainty -----Presentation: Praveen, Discussion: Chris (cmayfiel) January 18: Inductive learning -----Presentation: Umang, Discussion: Yang (wang174) January 23: Conditional relational models -----Presentation: Chris, Discussion: Rajesh (rkalyana) January 25: CRMs (cont'd) -----Presentation: Ferit, Discussion: Praveen (pbhamidi) January 30: Graphical models -----Presentation: Don, Discussion: Umang (usharan) February 1: Invited Talk February 6: Class canceled February 8: Probabilistic relational models -----Presentation: Duncan, Discussion: Don (dfry) February 13: Class canceled (due to snow) February 15: PRMs (cont'd) -----Presentation: Josh, Discussion: Rich (richshay[at]gmail.com) February 18: **Project Proposals due today February 20: PRMs (cont'd) -----Presentation: Jen, Discussion: Chris (cmayfiel) February 22: Inductive logic programming -----Presentation: Rajesh, Discussion: Ferit (akova) February 27: No class (Instructor out of town) March 1: Probabilistic logic models -----Presentation: Praveen, Discussion: Umang (usharan) March 6: PLMs (cont'd) -----Presentation: Yang, Discussion: Josh (jvdillon) March 8: Representation issues -----Presentation: Umang, Discussion: Don (dfry) March 13: Spring Break March 15: Spring Break March 20: Learning issues -----Presentation: Ferit, Discussion: Duncan (dleaf) March 22: Inference issues -----Presentation: Duncan, Discussion: Praveen (pbhamidi) March 27: Inference (cont'd) -----Presentation: Josh, Discussion: Duncan (dleaf) **Project Prelim Report due today March 29: Dynamic relational models -----Presentation: Don, Discussion: Rajesh (rkalyana) April 3: Group discovery -----Presentation: Rich, Discussion: Josh (jvdillon) April 5: Link prediction -----Presentation: Yang, Discussion: Ferit (akova) April 10: Entity resolution -----Presentation: Chris, Discussion: Yang (wang174) April 12: Graph mining -----Presentation: Rajesh, Discussion: Rich (richshay[at]gmail.com) April 17: Project presentations **NB: Class rescheduled to April 18, 3:30-4:30pm Location: LWSN 1168 April 19: Project presentations April 24: Final wrap up **NB: Class rescheduled to April 27, 3:00-5:00pm Jake's Roadhouse April 26: Final wrap up **NB: Class rescheduled to April 27, 3:00-5:00pm Jake's Roadhouse