STAT59800-JN1/CS59000-030 Statistical Network Analysis
Spring 2016: Class Schedule

January 11: Introduction and overview January 13: Basic graph models I January 18: No class; MLK day January 20: Basic graph models II (S: Sait, T: Changping) January 25: Problems with scale-free (Part I: 431-463) (S: Iman, T: Leonardo) January 27: Problems with scale-free (Part II: 463-502) (S: John, T: Giselle) February 1: Exponential random graph models (S: Hogun, T: Jiasen) February 3: Problems with ERGMs (S: Jihwan, T: Mohamed) February 8: SERGMs (S: Heqin, T: Sait) February 10: Problems with ERGMs (cont) (S: Leonardo, T: Guilherme) February 15: Kronecker product graph models (S: Jiasen, T: John) February 17: Analysis of KPGMs (S: Changping, T: Jihwan) February 22: Class canceled; WSDM February 24: Class canceled; WSDM February 29: KPGMs (cont) (S: Mohamed, T: Hogun) Mar 2: Analysis of KPGMs (cont) (S: Guilherme, T: Heqin) March 7: Stochastic block models (S: Giselle, T: Iman) March 9: Class canceled March 14: Spring Break March 16: Spring Break March 21: Problems with finding communities (T: John, T: Giselle) March 23: Class canceled March 28: Mixed membership block models (T: Sait) March 30: Mixed membership block models (cont) (T: Hogun) April 4: Latent space models (T: Jihwan, T: Heqin) April 6: Latent space models (cont) (T: Leo) April 11: Network Comparison (T: Mohamed, T:Iman) April 13: Network Comparison (cont) (T: Jiasen) April 18: Goodness of fit (cont) (T: Changping) April 20: Class rescheduled April 25: Statistical frameworks (T: Gui) April 27: Class rescheduled Mon May 2 (3:30-5pm, UNIV 303): Project presentations Fri May 6 (3:30-5pm, UNIV 303): Project presentations