CS 426 Lectures are Mon, Wed, Fri 1:30pm-2:20pm in HAAS G066

Instructor for the class is Mikhail (Mike) Atallah (matallah@purdue.edu), LWSN 2116D

Instructor Office Hours: After the end of class (walk up to the instructor at the end of the lecture), or by appoint ment

TA for the class is Shoaib Khan (khan180@purdue.edu), LWSN 2161 Desk 16

TA Office Hours: Tues 1-2pm and Thurs 2-3pm in LWSN 2161 conference room

* Midterm evening exam is on October 18 8:00pm-10:00pm in BRNG 2280

Midterm material: Up to and including the lecture of 10/17/2018

* Final exam is on Dec 14, 8:00am-10:00am in WALC 3087

* Slides used in lectures (password-protected for copyright reasons):

Course information

Basic security concepts

Crypto tools


Access control

Physical security

Intrusion detection

Malicious programs

Software vulnerabilities

Software protection

Web vulnerabilities

Online anonymity

* Homework (typed please):

Please do not just give yes/no answers, give reasons for each.
On the day you turn in Homework N, homework N+1 will be posted, and Homework N-1 will be
available for pickup at TA's office hours.  The solution sketch to Homework N will be posted
within a day or two of its due date.  The due date for a newly posted homework is 1 week + 1 lecture
after it is posted (not counting holidays).

Homework 1 (due Sept 5)

Hwk 1 solution sketch

Homework 2 (due Sept 14)

Hwk 2 solution sketch

Homework 3 (due Sept 24)

Hwk 3 solution sketch

Homework 4 (due Oct 5)

Hwk 4 solution sketch

Project 1 is on Blackboard (posted and updated by TA)

No new homework is posted when you're working on a project