CS 426 Lectures are Mon, Wed, Fri 1:30pm-2:20pm in HAAS G066

Instructor for the class is Mikhail (Mike) Atallah (matallah@purdue.edu), LWSN 2116D

Instructor Office Hours: After the end of class (walk up to the instructor at the end of the lecture), or by appoint ment

TA for the class is Shoaib Khan (khan180@purdue.edu), LWSN 2161 Desk 16

TA Office Hours: Tues 1-2pm and Thurs 2-3pm in LWSN 2161 conference room

* Midterm evening exam is on October 18 8:00pm-10:00pm in BRNG 2280

Midterm material: Up to and including the lecture of 10/17/2018

* Final exam is on Dec 14, 8:00am-10:00am in WALC 3087

* Office hours will be held on Wed Dec 12 at 4:30pm

I will stay until 6pm OR until there are no more students with questions (whichever comes later)

* Slides used in lectures (password-protected for copyright reasons):

Course information

Basic security concepts

Crypto tools


Access control

Physical security

Intrusion detection

Malicious programs

Software vulnerabilities

Software protection

Web vulnerabilities

Online anonymity

Digital money, Bitcoin


More network attacks

Quantum cryptography

Case studies

More legal issues

* Homework (typed please):

Please do not just give yes/no answers, give reasons for each.
On the day you turn in Homework N, homework N+1 will be posted, and Homework N-1 will be
available for pickup at TA's office hours.  The solution sketch to Homework N will be posted
within a day or two of its due date.  The due date for a newly posted homework is 1 week + 1 lecture
after it is posted (not counting holidays).

Homework 1 (due Sept 5)

Hwk 1 solution sketch

Homework 2 (due Sept 14)

Hwk 2 solution sketch

Homework 3 (due Sept 24)

Hwk 3 solution sketch

Homework 4 (due Oct 5)

Hwk 4 solution sketch

Project 1 is on Blackboard (posted and updated by TA)

Homework 5 (due Nov 2)

Hwk 5 solution sketch

Project 2 is on Blackboard (posted and updated by TA)