Tharindu Mathew

PhD Candidate, Purdue University
Email: mathewc [at] purdue [dot] edu
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About me

I am a sixth year PhD student (tentative graduation Fall 2019) in the Department of Computer Science at Purdue University. I am currently working on Crowd Simulation, Intelligent Agents (Robots, swarms, Game AI), and Crowd-friendly Urban Modeling, under the supervision of Prof. Daniel G. Aliaga. My research interests are on Multi-Agent Simulation (crowds, self driving cars, robots, etc.), Forward and Inverse Procedural Modelling, Interactive Computer Graphics, and Computer Animation. I use Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Optimization techniques regularly in my research work.

Work Experience

Selected Publications

Event Prediction in Processors Using Deep Temporal Models

C. D. Tharindu Mathew, Aswin Raghavan, Sek Chai

2018 1st Workshop on Energy Efficient Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing for Embedded Applications (EMC2)

[webpage] [pdf]

Urban Walkability using Virtual Population Simulation

C. D. Tharindu Mathew, Paulo R. Knob, Soraia R. Musse, Daniel G. Aliaga

Computer Graphics Forum, 2018

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