Mohammad Hassan Ameri

Ph.D. Student (Graduate Research Assistant)

Department of Computer Science

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Email (academic): mameriek at

Gmail: m.hassan.ameri at

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Office: LWSN 2161, #12

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Short Bio

I am a computer science Ph.D. student at Purdue University. I am honored to be supervised by Professor Jeremiah Blocki for conducting my research in the different areas of privacy preserving and theoretical aspect of computer science. My field of interests includes Applied Cryptography, Secure Multi-party Computation, Memory-Hard Functions (MHF), Blockchain Technology, Obfuscation, Secure Cloud Computing, Searchable Encryption and other interesting applications which need privacy and we should provide their security in a provable manner (Provable Security).

Recent Publications

  • Computationally Data-Independent Memory Hard Functions,  Mohammad Hassan Ameri, Jeremiah Blocki, Samson Zhou, ITCS 2020, [pdf] [Samson's slieds].
  • A Key-Policy Attribute-Based Temporary Keyword Search scheme for Secure Cloud Storage,  Mohammad Hassan Ameri, Mahshid Delavar, Javad Mohajeri, Mahmoud Salmasizadeh, IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, Link.
  • Provably secure and efficient PUF-based broadcast authentication schemes for smart grid applications, Mohammamd Hassan Ameri, Mahshid Delavar, Javad Mohajeri, International Journal of Communication Systems, 2019, 32(8), e3935 [Link].
  • An attribute-based anonymous broadcast encryption scheme with adaptive security in the standard model, Reyhaneh Rabaninejad, Mohammad Hassan Ameri, Mahshid Delavar, Javad Mohajeri, Scientia Iranica,, 2017 [Fule Version].
  • PUF-based solutions for secure communications in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Mahshid Delavar, Sattar Mirzakuchaki, Mohammad Hassan Ameri, J Mohajeri, International Journal of Communication Systems, 2017, [Link].
  • A provably secure code-based concurrent signature scheme, Maryam Rajabzadeh Asaar, Mohammad Hassan Ameri, Mahmoud Salmasizadeh, Mohammad Reza Aref, IET Information Security, 2018, [Link].
  • A Verifiable Delegated Set Intersection without pairing, Mahdi Mahdavi Oliaiy, Mohammad Hassan Ameri, Javad Mohajeri, Mohammad Reza Aref, Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering (ICEE) 2017, [Link].
  • A secure attribute based keyword search scheme against keyword guessing attack, Vahid Yousefipoor, Mohammad Hassan Ameri, Javad Mohajeri, Taraneh Eghlidos, International Symposium on Telecommunications (IST) 2016, [Link].
  • An Efficient Secure Scheme for Lossy and Lossless Data Aggregation in Smart Grid, Rouzbeh Sarenche, Pouyan Forghani, Mohammad Hassan Ameri, Mohammad Reza Aref, Mahmoud Salmasizadeh, International Symposium on Telecommunications (IST), 2018, [Link].

Full List: [Google Scholar] || [DBLP]

Professional Activities:

  • External Reviewer: [Crypto 2020], [IEEE S&P 2020], [NDSS 2020], [ACM CCS 2019], [ RSA-CT 2020].
  • Reviewer of IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security  (TIFS), IEEE Trans. on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC), IEEE Trans. on Emerging Topics in Computing (TETC), International Journal of Communication System (IJCS).