I am interested in programming language technologies including but not limited to compilers, software engineering, real-time and embedded computing, and virtual machines. I dabble in information security, program analysis, concurrent and distributed programming and data analytics.


AllRImplementations of the R language and productivity tools
DynJS Dynamic analysis of JavaScript and benchmark generation javascript
TransactTransactional memory research
oSCJ An open implementation of Safety-Critical Java JSR-302 oscj
CDx An open real-time application benchmark for Java and C
Ovm An open-source virtual machine framework for Java oscj
STMBenchBenchmarking software transactional memory
PrismJSoftware for a ScanEagle UAV with Java on board prismj
MBAModel-based protein backbone resonance assignment
FijiHigh-performance real-time Java virtual machine
AJData-centric concurrency control with the AJ compiler
ThornA dynamically-typed distributed scripting language
FlexoTasksVery low latency real time stream programming


Conference Chairs

  • ESOP15
  • Program Chair
  • PLDI12
  • General Chair
  • LCTES11
  • General Chair
  • ISMM10
  • General Chair
  • TOOLS10
  • Program Chair
  • JTRES10
  • Program Chair

    Events Organized

  • DALI13
  • Dynamic Languages for Scalable Data Analytics
  • PDB13
  • Programming with Big Data
  • Workshop on Dynamic Languages for Scientific Computing
  • TiC
  • Trends in Concurrency
  • ESS
  • ECOOP Summer School
  • TMW
  • NSF Transactional Memory Workshop

    Program Committees

  • Asian Symp. on Programming Languages and Systems
  • DLS14
  • Dynamic Languages Symposium
  • ARRAY14
  • Workshop on Libraries, Languages, and Compilers for Array Programming
  • TRUST14
  • Workshop on Reproducible Research Methodologies and New Publication Models
  • IWACO14
  • 20 years of Aliasing, IWACO@ECOOP
  • OBT14
  • Off-the Beaten Track
  • CC14
  • Compiler Construction


  • JOT
  • Editor in Chief
  • Chair
  • AITO
  • Vice President
  • IFIP WG2.4
  • Vice Chair
  • CominLabs
  • Member, Advisory Board
  • JSR-302
  • Member, Expert Group
  • Member, SC
  • ICFP
  • Member, SC
  • Member, SC
  • PLDI
  • Member, SC
  • POPL
  • Member, SC
  • ISMM
  • Member, SC
  • Member, SC
  • Member, SC
  • STOP
  • Member, SC


  • University Faculty Scholar, 11
  • Microsoft SEIF Research Award, 11
  • Undergraduate Advising Award, 11
  • IBM Faculty Award 06
  • NSF CAREER Award 01
  • Invited Talks

    • The Rise of Dynamic Languages for Scientific Computing, MSR Faculty Summit 11 (Video)
    • Is Java Ready for Real-time?, MVD 10, Invited talk (PDF)
    • Of Scripts and Programs Tall tales, Urban Legends and Future Prospects, APLWACA 10 Invited Talk, DLS 09 Invited Talk, (PDF)
    • Programming models for Real-time and Concurrency, TOOLS 09 Keynote, PLACES'08 (PDF)
    • Language-based Intrusion Detection, Foundations of Computer Security, FCS 05
    • Coordination and Security, International School on Foundations of Security Analysis and Design, FOSAD 04 (PDF)

    Students and Collaborators

    Current PhD Students

    Gregor Richards, Scott Carr.

    Current Postdoctoral Associates

    Gustavo Petri, Rafal Kolanski


    Josh Auerbach, David Bacon, David Clarke, Giuseppe Castagna, Yvonne Coady, Toni Cunei, Grzeg Czakowski, Ananth Grama, Dan Grossman, John Field, Christian Grothoff, Rachid Guerraoui, Maurice Herlihy, David Holmes, Tony Hosking, Urs Hoelzle, Nigel Horspool, Suresh Jagannathan, Andreas Krall, Doug Lea, Jeremy Manson, Floreal Morandat, James Noble, Nate Nystrom, Manuel Oriol, Jens Palsberg, Jean Privat, Jesper Spring, Martin Schöberl, Bill Pugh, Peter Sewell, Rok Strinsa, Frank Tip, Olga Vitek, Dominic Duggan, Vivek Sarkar, Francesco Zappa Nardelli, Tian Zhao, Tobias Wrigstad


  • CS240
  • C Programming, F 11, S 12
  • CS590
  • Software for Embedded Systems, S 11, S 12
  • CS565
  • Programming Languages, F 08, S 10
  • CS590V
  • Embedded and Real-time Computing, F 09
  • CS590V
  • Principle of Programming Languages S 08, F 08, S 09
  • CS307
  • Software Engineering, S 09
  • CS456
  • Programming Languages, F 07, S 04, S 01
  • CS510
  • Software Engineering, F 06, S 05, S 00, F 00, S 02
  • CS591Y
  • Software Systems Seminar, F '06
  • CS590V
  • Virtual Execution Environments, S 06
  • CS406
  • Software Engineering, S 05, S 03
  • CS590V
  • Resource-aware computing, S 03.
  • CS690V
  • Security for Mobile Code, F 99


    Active awards

    • NSF OCI 1047962: A Tracing VM for Statistical Computing. (with Olga Vitek) 10-13.

    Short Biography

    Jan Vitek is a Professor of Computer Science and University Faculty Scholar. He is the Chair of the ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN), the vice chair of AITO and of the IFIP WG 2.4, and is Chief Scientist at Fiji Systems. He holds a PhD from the University of Geneva and a MSc from the University of Victoria. He works on various aspects of programming languages including virtual machines, compilers, software engineering, real-time and embedded computing, concurrency and information security. Prof. Vitek led the Ovm project which resulted in the first succefull flight test of real-time Java virtual machine. With Noble and Potter, Vitek proposed the notion of ownership for alias control, which became known as ownership types. He chaired PLDI, ISMM and LCTES and was program chair of ESOP, ECOOP, VEE, Coordination, and TOOLS. Vitek has started a number of successful workshop series, including MOS on Mobile Objects, IWACO, on aliasing and confinement, and TRANSACT on transactional memory. He is on the steering committees of ECOOP, JTRES, TRANSACT, ICFP, OOPSLA, POPL, PLDI and LCTES. He is a member of the JSR-302 Safety Critical Java expert group.


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