Abhilash Jindal

I am a PhD student in Computer Science department at Purdue University. I work in Distributed Systems and Networking Lab (DSNL) under the guidance of Y Charlie Hu . I completed my Bachelors of Technology in Electrical Engineering department at IIT Kanpur in 2011.

My Erdos Number is 3, through Kalyanmoy Deb.

These days I am working at Mobile Enerlytics.


Despite the incredible market penetration of smartphones, utility of smartphones is still severely limited by their battery life. Preserving this critical resource has driven smartphone OSes to undergo a paradigm shift in power management: by default every component, including the CPU, stays off or in an idle state, unless the app explicitly instructs the OS to keep it on! Such a policy encumbers app developers to explicitly juggle power control APIs exported by the OS to keep the components on, during their active use by the app and off otherwise. The resulting power-encumbered programming unavoidably gives rise to a new class of software energy bugs on smartphones called sleep disorder bugs, which arise from mis-handling power control APIs by apps or the framework and result in significant and unexpected battery drainage.

My thesis makes the first advances towards understanding and automatically detecting sleep disorder bugs on smartphones. We performed comprehensive studies of real world sleep-disorder energy bug characteristics and proposed the first automatic compiler and OS based solutions to detect these bugs. We demonstrated applicability of our solutions by successfully finding several bugs in Android apps, kernel and device drivers.