Jean Honorio

Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Purdue.
Assistant Professor in the Statistics Department (by courtesy) at Purdue.
Lawson Building 2142-J, West Lafayette, IN 47907, phone: 765-496-6757
e-mail: jhonorio at

Through a unifying framework, with the power of continuous relaxations and primal-dual certificates, my research group produces novel algorithms for learning and inference in combinatorial problems. Our aim is to generate correct, computationally efficient and statistically efficient algorithms for high dimensional machine learning problems. Our results include algorithms for learning and inference in structured prediction, community detection, learning Bayesian networks and graphical games. [vita]

Prior to joining Purdue, I was a postdoctoral associate at MIT CSAIL, working with Tommi Jaakkola. My Erdős number is 3: Jean Honorio → Tommi Jaakkola → Noga Alon → Paul Erdős.

A Note for Prospective Students

Here is a note for students who are considering working with me.

Students that work with me should have knowledge of: I require students to be: To have a more detailed idea about my work, please see: To have a more detailed idea about the tools I use for proving theorems, please see: If the above still makes sense, and you have looked at my papers and seminar, please contact me.