Class Time/Place:
		- Mon, Wed, Fri 1:30-2:20pm in LWSN 1106

TA Information  :		
		- Name 	 :  Javad Darivandpour
		- Email	 :  jdarivan@purdue.edu
		- Office :  LWSN B107
		- Office Hours	:   Tuesday and Thursday 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (Subject to Change)

Homeworks       :		

		- All homeworks must be turned in a hard copy in class,
		  with a cover page including student's full name.
		- All homeworks must be TYPED (LaTeX or Word). 
		- All grades are FINAL two weeks after they are 
		  handed out.
Project :

	- All emails regarding project must include "CS555 Project" in their subjects.

	- All members of each group MUST be able to answer questions about all components of the project.
	- Deadlines
			(1) By Monday, Feb 22, all groups must be formed and reported to the TA
			(2) All Final Projects' source codes must be submitted by the end of Sunday, April 17
			(3) All project demonstrations take place during April 18 - April 22
	- Specifications
			(1) Students need to implement all componenets of their codes except for 
			the Cryptographic Hash Function.
			(2) All groups MUST use SHA-1 in order to create a 160-bit hash value. 
			(A fixed hash key will be used for all test cases, for the purpose of consistency among all outputs.)

			(3) I/O Format and Details: Project Demonstration and I/O Information
(4) Programming Languages : C++/Java/Python
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