CS 59000-MSC: Mobile Sensing, Computing, & Applications
Course Schedule
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Lecture 0.1: Overview of the Course
Indoor Localization
Lecture 1.1 WiFi Signal Strength based Indoor Localization
Lecture 1.2 Sensing the Ambiance for Localization
Lecture 1.3 Localization without Relying on any Infrastructure
Lecture 1.4 Review Techniques
Activity and Gesture Recognition
Lecture 2.1 Gesture Recognition with Smartphones
Lecture 2.2 Tracking Arm Motion with Smart Watches
Lecture 2.3 Gesture recognition through RF Signals
Lecture 2.4 Ranging through Sound Waves
Sensors as Side Channels: A Security and Privacy Angle
Lecture 3.1 Leaks through Motion Sensors
Lecture 3.2 Monitoring and Tracking via Side Channels
Camera Sensor Fusion for Augmented Reality
Lecture 4.1 Augmented Reality through Sensor Fusion and Offloading
Lecture 4.2 Continuous Vision and InSight
New modes of communication
Lecture 5.2: Vibration-based Communication and Sensing
Lecture 6.1: Inference
Mobile Health
Mobile Gaming