1996 World Cup Cricket Info

The World Cup will be held from February 14th to March 17th 
in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka.

GROUP A : West Indies, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe,

GROUP B : Pakistan, England, South Africa, New Zealand, United
          Arab Emirates, Holland

* Top four qualifiers of each group move to the Quarter-finals.
* Ind and Pak will stage two Quarter-final matches each.
* Ind will stage both the Semi-final matches.
* Pak will stage the Final.
* SL will play four of its group matches in SL and the match vs
  Ind in Ind.
* Of the remaining 26 group matches, Ind and Pak will stage 13

* 1996 World Cup is to be played on more grounds than in any of
  the previous five tournaments.  A total of 26 grounds will be
  used  for a total of  37 games.  When  the 1987 World Cup was
  held  in India and Pakistan, it was spread  over the previous
  highest total of 21 venues.