Huda Nassar

Currently, my major concentration is on multimodal network alignment. In general, the key techniques I employ in my research lie in the intersection of graph algorithms for massive graphs, linear algebra, and sparse matrix representations and manipulation. Here I present some of the previous projects I worked on.

Multimodal Network Alignment

This work introduces the problem of multimodal network alignment and presents a a scalable algorithm to solve the multimodal network alignment problem

Localization in personalized PageRank vectors

This work presents an upper bound on the number of entries necessary to approximate a personalized PageRank vector in graphs with skewed degree sequences.

Robust learning based 3D model registration and comparison

This work was part of my MS degree, the goal was to align 3D models and detect defects. This work involves knowledge of major computer vision and machine learning concepts. Well known techniques used to complete this work include RANSAC, PCA, Least Square Estimations.

As part of this work, I had to create 3D models to feed them into the system I was building. Here are some of the models I used. Each folder has a defected version and an undefected counterpart

I have some extra “less-clean” objects. If you need more 3D objects please contact me.

I also have obtained 3D objects from Google warehouse