Huda Nassar

You can find some of the course projects I've worked on in the past here.

Compilers Construction (CS 374), AUB

Fast Android Language. The goal of the project was to allow users to write simple domain specific user-friendly code on an android phone, compile, run the code and generate apps instantaneously. We developed our own grammar, and called it Fast Android Language (FAL). The major challenges of this project was the code translation from one side, and the compilation of code on the android phone itself. More details can be found in the project report here.

Computational Methods in Optimization (CS 520), Purdue

In this project, we wrote efficient implementations of three well known optimization methods, namely (1) Simplex Method, (2) Interior Point Method, (3) Barrier Method. I was responsible for the Simplex Method. The project report provides very good details on how to implement these three methods along with each method's detailed description.

Interactive Computer Graphics (CS 535), Purdue

Incremental Approach for Stitching Defected 3D models. The goal of this project was to stitch two 3D models. Existing methods (like ones implemented in Meshlab) do not pay precise attention to the number of vertices and triangles in the final output of the stitched model. My project aimed at minimizing these numbers so that the size of the 3D model does not explode. Presentation can be found here.

Data Mining (EECE 639), AUB

A new approach based on image clustering for 3D reconstruction. The major goal of this project was to downsample the number of images that can be fed into a system like Structure from Motion. Clustering techniques were used on the images so that a certain number of images from each cluster was used in the reconstruction process. Project report is available here.

Networks Design (CS 384), AUB

WSN approach for electricity theft detection in Lebanon. In this project, we use wireless sensor networks to detect electricity theft in Lebanon. Project report is here.

Software Engineering (CS 363), AUB

The goal of this project was to model the behavior of a two lifts system. Report is here.