Ernest Irving Freese's Geometric Transformations: the Man, the Manuscript, the Magnificent Dissections!

by Greg Frederickson

The Table of Contents:

1. The Rich History of Geometric Dissections
2. The "Wild Adventures" of Ernest Freese
3. Techniques, Special Properties, Hardness
4. Freese's Title Page and Index
5. Isosceles Triangles
6. Equilateral Triangles
7. Squares, Crosses, Rectangles
8. Pentagons and Pentagrams
9. Hexagons and Hexagrams
10. Octagons and Octagrams
11. Enneagons (Nonagrams)
12. Decagons and Decagrams
13. Dodecagons and Dodecagrams
14. Many-sided Polygons
15. Miscellaneous Figures
16. More Crosses
17. More Miscellaneous Figures
18. Mixed Polygons to One
19. Special Triangles
20. From the Past, Into the Future