Past and future events for
Piano-Hinged Dissections: Time to Fold!


July 31:
"Folding pseudo-stars that are cyclicly hinged," a talk at Bridges Baltimore 2015: Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture,
University of Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland, Friday, July 31, at 9:30am in Room 2.


April 1:
"Beyond Swinging: Hinged Dissections that Twist or Fold," a talk at Purdue University.
Thursday, April 1, at 6:00pm in REC 113. Hosted by the Purdue Math Club.


June 25:
"Beyond Swinging: Hinged Dissections that Twist or Fold," a talk at the DIMACS summer 2009 REU.
Thursday, June 25, at 1:00pm in CoRE 431.

May 11:
"Dissecting and Folding Stacked Geometric Figures," a talk at the DIMACS workshop on algorithmic mathematical art.
Monday, May 11, at 2:00pm.


October 13:
"Beyond Swinging: Hinged Dissections that Twist or Fold," a talk at Oberlin College.
Tuesday, October 13, at 4:30pm in King 239. Hosted by the Mathematics Department.

March 27:
"Unfolding an 8-high Square, and Other New Wrinkles," a talk at the Eighth Gathering for Gardner in Atlanta.
Thursday, March 27, in the afternoon. (Attendance at this meeting is by invitation only.)


January 6-7:
A book signing and demonstration at the Joint AMS-MAA Meetings in New Orleans.
Sunday, January 7, at 4:00pm, at the A K Peters Booths, #702 and #704, in the Exhibits hall.


September 8 - October 28:
"Two pentagrams fold into a 10-pointed star,"
a model out of cherry wood of my fold-hinged dissection of two pentagrams to a {10/3} star,
in the exhibit "Men of Art" at the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette, Lafayette, Indiana.

September 8-10:
"Folding dissections: Geometric cousins of Origami,"
a talk at the Fourth International Conference on Origami in Science, Mathematics, and Education
at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California.


July 31:
"The Manifold Beauty of Piano-hinged Dissections," an invited talk at the Renaissance Banff Conference
at the Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada.


August 13:
For my article, "A New Wrinkle to an Old Folding Problem,"
I received the George Pólya Award from the Mathematical Association of America at the Mathfest 2004
in the Prize Session, in the Narraganset Ballroom, 11:30 am - 12:00 noon.
For a photo, see FOCUS, vol. 24, no. 8 (Nov. 2004), p. 21.
Also see Notices of the AMS, vol. 51, no. 10 (Nov. 2004), p. 1234.


December 6:
An invited talk, "Piano-Hinged Dissections: Let's Fold,"
at the The Japan Conference on Discrete and Computational Geometry 2002 (JCDCG 2002)
at Tokai University, Tokyo, Japan,
11:50 am - 12:30 pm.

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