Updates to Piano-hinged Dissections: Time to Fold!, by Greg N. Frederickson:

Most recent additions to these updates

October 2014 - Assertion vs. conjecture
November 2012 - Folding dissection of a {(4n+2)} to two {(4n+2)/(n+1)}s
July 2008 - New book on folding
August 2007 - More open boxes
March 2007 - Stöcher's technique applied elsewhere
March 2007 - Gavin Theobald's two hexagons to one
January 2007 - Even better concave {16} to a square
January 2007 - Improved two dodecagons to one
November 2006 - Improved hexagram to a square
August 2006 - Gavin Theobald marches on
December 2016 - and on!!

All updates, including typos, by chapter

1. Time to Fold
2. What's the Flap?
3. Swingers and Twisters
4. Willing Converts
5. Quad Squad
6. Thinking Inside the Box
7. Hole in One
8. Square Tactics
9. Triangle, Triangle Again
10. Hexagons, Triangles, Squares---Oh My!
11. Out of the Loop
12. From FIFI to ZULU, and Back!
13. Intensive Square
14. Staying Rational
15. Double-Crossed!!
16. Stargazing
17. Manifold Blessings
18. A Mixed Bag
19. Pot Luck
20. Puzzles Unfolded
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The "Lost" Manuscript of Ernest Irving Freese
Manuscript 2: Freese's Unique Point of View
Manuscript 3: Giving Freese His Due
Manuscript 4: The Many Sides of Ernest Freese
Manuscript 5: Getting Better All the Time

Folderol 1: A New Wrinkle on an Old Problem
Folderol 2: One Percent Perforation
Folderol 3: Maps and Flaps

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