Hinged Dissections: Swinging & Twisting

by Greg Frederickson

The Table of Contents:

1. if it Ain't got that Swing
2. Hinging on the Details
3. Tricks for Turning
4. Making Squares Dance
5. L'affaire Triangulaire
6. Return to Polygonia
7. Who's the Squarest of Them All?
8. Stepping Around
9. All in the Family
10. Elation in Tessellations
11. Strips Revealed
12. With a little Help from my Friends
13. At Cross Purposes
14. Handling the Curves
15. And Also Starring
16. Four of a Kind
17. As the Whirled Turns
18. A New Breed of Swingers
19. Not Your Regular Polygons
20. Into Another Dimension
21. The Flip Side
22. Twist and Shout!
23. Puzzles Unhinged
Index of Dissections
General Index

The Curious Case of the Brass Hinges
Curious Case, part 2: Five Easy Pieces?
Curious Case, part 3: Trouble with Attributions
Curious Case, part 4: A Dudeneyan Slip?
Curious Case, part 5: A Quorum of Quibbles
Curious Case, part 6: Statistically Piquing

Turnabout 1: Coloring a Hinged Model
Turnabout 2: Bracing Regular Polygons
Turnabout 3: Hinged Tessellations
Turnabout 4: Hinge-Convertible Polyominoes
Turnabout 5: Piano-hinged Polyhedra