Updates to Turnabout 3, "Hinged Tessellations",
in Hinged Dissections: Swinging & Twisting, by Greg N. Frederickson

Missing hinge in Figure T9

I failed to indicate a hinge in Figure T9. On the right side in Figure T9, the triangle in the lower center portion of the figure has two hinges but should have three.

Rinus Roelofs' hinged tessellations

Rinus Roelofs, a Dutch sculptor, has recently designed a great variety of hinged tessellations. These are described briefly in section 7 of his paper, "Three-Dimensional and Dynamic Constructions Based on Leonardo Grids," in Renaissance Banff, Mathematics, Music, Art, Culture Conference Proceedings, 2005, pages 161-168.
Rinus derives his tessellations using a construction that he calls a "Leonardo grid". The use of these produces a large class of hinged tessellations that are by and large different from the ones that I had found. For example, his approach will not generate the tessellations in my Figures T9 and T10. Rinus demonstated his tessellations with computer animations, which hopefully will be posted soon on his website.

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