Expository Writing Award for Greg N. Frederickson:

In recognition of my article,
"Designing a Table both Swinging and Stable",
College Mathematics Journal, vol. 39, no. 4 (September 2008), pp. 258-266.
I was awarded the George Pólya Award by the Mathematical Association of America at Mathfest in Portland, Oregon in 2009.
The award recognizes articles in the College Mathematics Journal of exceptional expository writing.
Below is a picture of me giving a brief acceptance speech, followed by a picture of awardees (including me) listening to Scott Annin give his speech for the Alder Award. David Bressoud, president of the MAA, is standing off to the right, listening to the acceptance speech. Not having a group of students and friends at the meeting, as did Scott, I had no one to take such a photo of me showing the overhead projector screen with my announcement. But you get the idea of how the ceremony went.

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Copyright 2009, Greg N. Frederickson.

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